You change my life: a story of lesbian who has a child /

Crusem, Denielle Marie B.

You change my life: a story of lesbian who has a child / Denielle Marie B. Crusem. - Indang, Cavite : Cavite State University- Main Campus, 2018. - xi , 81 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.

Thesis (Bachelor of Science in Psychology) Cavite State University.

Includes bibliographical references.

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Department of Social Sciences and Humanities College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

CRUSEM, DENIELLE MARIE B., MANGARING, SIIARLENE C., SUMAGAYSAY, GELLIE MAE N., "You Changed My Life: A Story of Lesbian Who has a Child". Undergraduate Thesis proposal. Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Cavite State University Main Campus. February 2018. Thesis Adviser: Ms. Alyssa Kae S. Alegre, RPm.
The study focused on the story of the lesbians who has a biological child. This study generally aimed to determine how lesbian parents articulate their experiences with their biological child through narratives. Specifically, it also, distinguished their experiences of having a child. Second, determined how a lesbian parent interacts with her child. Lastly, recognize how having a child changed their lives
The study used qualitative design, specifically episodic narrative approach. This research gathered data through interview with the participants, books and internet. Participants of this study were selected self-proclaimed lesbians and look overtly masculine or masculine-acting woman who have a child in selected areas of Indang, Cavite; must be 25 to 40 years old; one who raised their child after giving birth to present; child must be 3 to 8 years of age; should have only one biological child so adopted child is not included; and must be single or not legacy married, but can have same sex partner or no partner. To arrive to the sample size, researchers used Snowball Sampling Technique. Moreover, set of open ended type of questions were used that were validated by the licensed Psychometrician professors. Eight (8) participants completed the target participant of this study.
Researchers followed ethical guidelines as specified by Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) that stated in the provided consent letter for the participants wherein they unitarily participated in the study that discussed to them before the interview. The information tiled from the participants through interview were evaluated and analyzed that come up with the common themes on their first experiences, their interaction to the child, and the changes in their lives. The summarized narrative revealed that although pregnancy was not planned to the majority of participants they faced it positively, they had a good experience, adjustments and changed for the better from their daily living such on their behavior, and to perspectives in life for the sake of their child. Therefore, being a lesbian mother, gender did not affect how a parent nurtures her child. It is how a parent interacts, treats and takes the responsibility nurturing her child, and how they adjust living their life with their child.

Lesbian mothers

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