Research methods : 01/02 /

Research methods : 01/02 / editors, Mary Renk Jalongo, Gail J. Gerlach, Wenfan Yan,. - 1st ed. - Guilford, CT : Dushkin, c2001. - x 299 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. - Annual editions. .

Back from chaos / Edward O. Wilson -- The connection between research and practice / Mary M. Kennedy -- Evolution of qualitaive research methodology / Leann G. Putney -- Quantitive research approaches / George A. Morgan, Jeffrey A. Gliner, and Rober J. Harmon -- What is (and isn't) research? / Debra Viadero--Human subjects and informed consent: the legacy of the Tuskegee syphilis study / Carol A. Heintzelman -- Typer of errors in synthesizing research in education / Michael J. Dunkin -- Ethics, institutional review boards, and the changing face of education research / Kenneth R. Howe and Katherine Cutts Dougherty -- Standards of evidence in historical research / Carl F. Kaestle -- Research student's early experience of the dissertation literature review / Christine Susan Bruce--The best kept secret in counseling: single-case (N-1) Experimental design / Duane A. Lundervold and Marilyn F. Balewood --Issues in teaching participatory action research / Paule McNicoll-- Practical issues for teachers conducting classroom research / Marilyn K. Rousseau and Brian Kai Yung Tam -- Videotapped behavioral observations; enhancing validity and reliability / Jennifer Harrison Elder -- The Future of focus groups / Richard A. Krueger -- self assessment at work: outcomes of adult learners' reflections on practice / Catherine Marienau -- Using electronic mail to conduct research / Liz Tahch -- Daily data collection: a comparison of three methods / Diane M. Morrison, Barbara C. Leigh, and Mary Rogers Gilmore--Quantitative attitudes questionnaire: instrument development and validations / Lei Chang -- Misconceptions about sample size, statistical significance, and treatment effect/ Matt Wilkerson, Mary R. Olson--On writing qualitative research / Donna E. Alvermann, David G. O'Brien and Deborah R. Dillon -- A primer in survey research / Suzanne C. Watson -- The new frontier in qualitative research methodology / Elliot W. Eisner -- Action research: empowering teachers to work with at-risk students / Mary K. Gove and Connie Kenne-


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