Educational linguistics : cross-cultural communication and global interdependence /

Kulkarni, Prafull Dhondopant

Educational linguistics : cross-cultural communication and global interdependence / by Prafull Dhondopant Kulkarni. - Oakville, ON : Canada Society Publishing, 2020 - 1 online resource (258, pages) : color illustrations.

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1. Introduction to educational linguistics : cross-cultural communication and global interdependence -- 2. Importance of culturally pertinent educational linguistics -- 3. Human behavior, cross-cultural communication, and global interdependence -- 4. The importance of communication skill and social media in interaction 5. Learning linguistic -- 6. Contributions of neuroscience to language learning process -- 7. Cross-cultural linguistic styles in business -- 8. Globalization and interdependence among nations for communication-- 9. Global interdependence in trading and cooperation -- 10. National integration : a solution to different issues of cross-cultural communication and interdependence

Educational Linguistics: Cross-Cultural Communication And Global Interdependence informs the readers about the various aspects about the role of linguistics in the educational domain and how it can help to establish communication across various culture and regions across the globe. This book also discusses about importance of culturally pertinent educational linguistics, human behavior and tis role in the cross-cultural communication, the significance of having communication skills and the role of social media, the learning of linguistics, various styles of linguistics across the different cultures and the role of globalization in the communication and linguistics. It gives the readers the insights they seek for in the book and highlight the role of linguistics in bridging the gap between the various cultures.

9781774075197 (e-book)

Language and education
Applied linguistics
Intercultural communication

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