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_aBroas, Clint Alfred C.
245 1 0 _aLove attitudes and social conservatism in modern age relationships of selected generation Z students in Cavite State University - Indang /
_cby Clint Alfred C. Broas and Miracle C. Gutierrez.
260 _aIndang, Cavite :
_bCavite State University- Main Campus,
300 _axvii, 120 pages :
_billustrations ;
_c28 cm.
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500 _aThesis (Bachelor of Science in Psychology) Cavite State University.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
508 _aCollege of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
520 3 _aBROAS, CLINT ALFRED C., GUTIERREZ, MIRACLE C., Love Attitudes and Social Conservatism in Modern Age Relationships of Selected Generation Z Students in Cavite State University — Indang. Undergraduate Thesis. Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Cavite State University, Indang, Cavite. June 2019. Adviser: Ms. Mary Jane A. Amparo, RPm, MAEd. The researchers conducted the study to determine if the Generation Z students of Cavite State University — Indang have similarities and differences on the aspect of love attitudes and social conservativism. The researchers also identified what love attitudes are the most shown by the students, and if Generation Z students still practice and give value on being socially conservative towards love. Lastly, the study also identified if there is significant relationship between love attitudes and social conservatism, and if gender difference can affect love attitudes and social conservatism of an individual belonging in the Generation Z. By the use of Chi-Square and Point Bi-serial, the researchers submitted gathered data to the statistician to reveal the results of the study. The study also used descriptive comparative-correlational research to assess two variables; love attitudes and social conservatism. The participants of the study were first year college students from Cavite State University - Indang who belonged to the Generation Z or aged 16-23 years old. Participants were grouped into two which consisted of 150 girls and 150 boys, having a total of 300 students who answered the questionnaires Love Attitude Scale by Hendrick and Hendrick, and Social Conservatism Scale that was adapted from Buchanan. The said instruments were further validated by experts from the field of psychology. The results show that the students from Cavite State University — Indang who are belonging the Generation Z are still socially conservative and still give importance on the beliefs and traditions when it comes to the topic of love, relationships and marriage. It was found out in the study that the evidence of being socially conservative among them even if society imposed that Generation Z students are liberated because of progressions and developments in relationships. The outcome of the study revealed that the frequently shown love attitude by the Generation Z was the storage, suggesting that the participants do still believe in the concept of being friends first before going into deep relationship with other people. They often found their partners within their circle of friends or small groups which makes their relationship lasts long because of knowing them well. At the same time, the study found out that gender differences have influence in the love attitude and social conservatism of an individual, suggesting that men and women are different on how they interpret their feelings for others and with themselves.
541 _cSubmitted to the University Library
_dJuly 03, 2019
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_aRelationships, Modern age
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_aBachelor of Science in Psychology
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_aGutierrez, Miracle C.
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_aAmparo, Mary Jane A.
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