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_bF84 2012
100 0 _aFrago, Jennifer M.
245 1 0 _aIsolation and identification of endophytic fungi associated with coffee in selected areas of Cavite /
_cby Jennifer M. Frago.
260 0 _aIndang, Cavite:
_bCavite State University- Main Campus,
300 _axv, 71 pages :
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_c28 cm.
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500 _aTheses (BS Biology--Microbiology) Cavite State University.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
508 _aCollege of Arts and Sciences, Department of Social Sciences (CAS)
520 3 _aFRAGO, JENNIFER M. Isolation and Identification of Endophytic Fungi Associated with Coffee in Selected Areas of Cavite. Undergraduate Thesis. Bachelor of Science in Biology (Major in Microbiology). Cavite State University. October 2012. Thesis Adviser: Dr. Yolanda A. Ilagan. This study was conducted to determine the endophytic fungi associated with the leaves and stems of coffee. Specifically, the study sought to: (1) determine the endophytic fungi present in selected parts of four varieties of coffee and; (2) determine if there are differences in the kinds of endophytes present in four varieties of coffee. Leaves and stem samples of four varieties of coffee were carefully and randomly collected in coffee farms of Indang, Silang and Mendez. The method for isolation of endophytes described by Arnold et al (2001) was adopted and modified. To confirm the identities of the fungi, keys to some genera of moulds were also used. Eighteen endophytic fungi (14 from the leaves and 4 from the stem) out of 43 isolates were identified up to the genus level. Results showed that Nigrospora and Curvularia were the most dominant genera of fungi associated with the leaves and stem of coffee. Acremonium and Scopulariopsis showed host specificity. Liberica harbored the most number of endophtyic fungi while Excelsa has the least.
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_aBachelor of Science in Biology
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_aIlagan, Yolanda A.
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