Brief History

The two-storey University Library started its operation in June 1980, with a collection of 2,946 volumes (consisting of 1,196 titles) turned over from the old high school library. After the books were catalogued, the library finally opened its door to the users in November 1980. Since its opening, its collection has increased to 106,459 volumes (92,199 titles). It has acquired a total of 5,055 series titles (journals, newsletters, annual reports, newspapers, bulletins, popular magazines, etc.). The present University library has been named Ladislao N. Diwa Memorial Library and Museum (LDMLM) since its launching on July 14, 1997, in recognition of the various contributions of Ladislao N. Diwa and his heirs to the library.


Library that will be recognized for its excellent service as its contribution to the development of globally competitive and morally upright individuals.


Ladislao N. Diwa Memorial Library shall provide excellent, equitable and relevant library services and resources in support with the University’s mission.


To support the University in its main thrust of field of expertise by providing adequate, updated and relevant collection of research and reference materials to its clientele composed of students, faculty and other researchers in the community.


The University Library aims to:

  1. Establish a collection that will be at par with other modern libraries not only in the region but also at national and international levels;
  2. Encourage maximum utilization of its collection by making it readily available and accessible to users; and
  3. Coordinate with all colleges and campuses in the selection and acquisition of materials needed to supplement research and instruction.